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1We Need a Resolution (feat Timberland) *
2Loose Rap (feat Static from Playa)
3Rock the Boat *
4More Than a Woman
5Never No More
6I Care 4 U
7Extra Smooth
8Read Between the Lines
9U Got Nerve
10I Refuse
11It's Whatever
12I Can Be
13Those Were the Days
14What If
*Hit Songs

Album Review
Artist: Aaliyah Album: Aaliyah

Aaliyah's newest self titled album was released in 2001 and contains three released hits. The first hit single was "We Need a Resolution" and included in the release was a hot video. The song has a very unique sound and uses many new and different instruments. Timberland is featured in the song and can be heard throughout the song and in his own verse. The song has a very good beat and is very well produced. The video for this song has incredible scenes and many costume changes by Aaliyah.

The second released song was "Rock da Boat"which is a very sexy steamy song, which also followed with a very hot video. Tragically, this video was her last video because as many people know, when the video was finished and she was on the plane leaving the island, there was a problem and the plane crashed down and killed Aaliyah and a plane full of people. Although this was very tragic, the video was extremely well shot and just fit the song perfectly. This song is probably my favorite song on the whole entire album. The mood of the song is so relaxing and her voice just accents the song exquisitely.

The third song released was "More Than a Woman" and also came with a video. This song is also very well produced and has a distinctive sound. This song has not had manstream release but my prediction is it will.

Other songs on this album I recommend is "Loose Rap feat Static" and "Extra Smooth". I think is album is a must have to anyone who likes R@B because this album is extremely well created and has many great songs. I give this album 4 out of 5 because of great sounds and instrument use, and great vocals by Aaliyah.