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AlbumBroken Science
1Intro-Broken Silence
2Fallin' (feat Young Gavin)
3Oh Yeah (feat Spragga Benz)*
4B.K. Anthem*
5The Letter (feat Ron Isley)
7Candy (feat Kelis)
8Tables Will Turn (feat Baby Cham)
9Hood Scriptures
10Run Dem (feat Baby Cham)
11'Bout My Paper (feat Mystikal)
12Run Yo S*** (feat C @ N)
13Na Na Be Like
14Gangsta Boogie
15I Don't Care (feat Kori)
16So Hot (feat Young Gavin)
17Saddest Day (feat Wayne Wonder)
18Broken Silence (feat Darius)
*Hit Songs

Album Review
Artist: Foxy Brown Album: Broken Silence

Foxy brown's newest album is titled Broken Silence and was released on 2000. This hardcore rap album contains a wide variety of songs that stretch from the hardcorest song BK Anthem to a pop orientated song Candy. This album is Foxy's third album and for most people including me, think this is her best. This album did not have a press release by Def Jam but there has been two songs release so far and two on the way.

The first single and probably the best song on this album is called Oh Yeah and includes her brother Gavin, and Spraggy Benz. The song is very catchy and the backround sound is very hip hop.